Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The dualities of pro-choicers talking when it isn't about abortion vs. when it is

So I came across this standard medical video on fertilization, and first of all, in the beginning it says, "Fertilization is the epic story of a single sperm facing incredible odds to unite with an egg, and form a new human life. It is the story of all of us." and at the end, "The two sets of chromosomes join together, completing the process of fertilization. At this moment, a unique genetic code arises, instantly determining gender, hair color, eye color, and hundreds of other characteristics. This new single cell, the zygote, is the beginning of a new human being." and I notices that one of the comments was about how this was the video that person was shown in school. We learn this stuff by the time we are in highschool. Yet I noticed there were no debates about when life begins in the comments section. Not a single comment about abortion at all. Not a comment even from the pro-life side saying "See we told you" and not a comment from the pro-choice side trying to say they must be wrong and it must be propaganda. I always thought it was weird how we are all taught this same stuff, yet when debating abortion, pro-choicers seem to forget it. I realize now that they totally accept it when being taught it or when it is in the context of learning about fertilization, but suddenly when it comes to abortion, they forget it all, and they say science says the opposite of what it says. They could be talking about conception or the unborn in general and know what it is and be correct with it, but then when it comes to abortion or "choice" suddenly they turn their backs on everything they just said, and say the opposite. It's like the issue of abortion has been so politicized that everyone forgets their common sense and everything they ever learned about the unborn just to take a jab at the other side. Once again, I blame the abortion industry/higher ups in the pro-choice movement, using all those slogans and dehumanizing and really trying to sell abortion, and making people think they have to be pro-choice if they are this or that. It's times like these I wish somehow, something like this could be an apolitical thing.

Also, when talking about babies and pregnant women, everyone everywhere will say that what is in the woman right now is a baby, is a child, is a being, is alive, is growing etc., but suddenly when talking about abortion, it isn't a baby, child, or being. You can watch any commercial with a pregnant woman in it and they will make it clear that what she has inside of her right now is a baby, yet if it's an abortion, it's a "clump of cells" or "product of conception" or "contents of the uterus." A wanted baby is a baby, yet an unwanted baby is a parasite. The most pro-choice people will recognize it is a life or baby or what have you when not talking about abortion, yet suddenly when that's the nature of discussion, it becomes something totally different.

In addition to that, when it isn't about abortion, they would never, ever advocate for killing or there not being people because of things like poverty and death and people having not-so-good lives. They know that the people that are here, even though they may have hardships, are worth being here, and they will probably get through it and be stronger for it. They actually advocate for helping these people, and looking at them not as burdens or not as people who are doomed, but rather people who should be loved and are worthy as we all are to be here, and take even more care of them and loving them all the more than people in general. Sure you still have the population controllers/eugenicists who do advocate for killing off people left and right and controlling the population because life isn't perfect, but even a lot of pro-choicers don't like those ideas. But when talking about abortion, suddenly all of that changes and it becomes "But what about poor women, single women, babies who have disabilities, people who grow up being abused, how evil can you be to think that they should have to go through lives like that?" First of all, these are people born who are having lives like this, and second of all, tons of them are wanted and planned. If you want to advocate for killing people in the womb because they may possibly have horrible lives, you'd have to advocate killing all the people that are born who have horrible lives.

Nothing ever GUARANTEES that someone will have to suffer or be in that situation anyway. You DON'T know how their lives will turn out. You can't tell the future. If someone is born disabled in some way, that DOES NOT mean they will grow up hating life, being bullied, or having parents who hate them or treat them poorly (and saying that a woman who has unwanted children will abuse them is VERY anti-woman. Lots of born people weren't wanted but their parents never hurt them and they grew up just fine), and for those that do, that does NOT mean they would be better off dead or would want to die. Even if they were bullied, it would be by people like you who point out how they are different and say they should have been aborted because of it. If someone is born to a poor mother, that DOES NOT mean they will have an awful, terrible life, or even that it will always be poor and that there will never be a way out. To say so is total discrimination against those people. Pro-choicers coming across someone who was making fun of a poor person and saying their life sucks or they shouldn't be alive or anything of the sort TOTALLY would call that person out on being prejudiced against poor people. To those that may have abusive parents, that DOES NOT mean they absolutely, positively, will have horrible lives and no good can come out of their lives or that they will want to die or wish they would have never been born. For those whose parents did not want them., or were conceived in rape and the mother is remembered by the rape, that DOES NOT mean their parents will be horrible to them or they are destined to live horrible lives. Plus, there are still people choosing to keep their babies on purpose, even if they weren't planned, aren't necessarily wanted, are poor, are single parents etc. so really, you wouldn't get your world of all these people being aborted anyway, and you would have to force people to abort and take away their choice in order to do so. To those that think we should kill off babies in the womb because they *may* have not so perfect lives, well first of all, life sucks in general, no one has that great of a life, but it is still worth living for a lot of people, and second of all I would counter "Then why don't you go and kill the ones who are going through lives like that right now if you think it's so evil for people to not be doing that?"

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