Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Unconventional Pro-Life Groups

Non-Profit Organizations and social media groups for pro-life feminists:
*Feminists for Life:
*Feminists for Nonviolent Choices:
*New Wave Feminists:
**Feministas De La Nueva Ola: (Grupo Feministas de la Nueva Ola) (Grupo FNO Chile)
*Feminists Choosing Life of New York:
*Women's Rights Without Frontiers:
*Pro-Life Feminist film:
*Pro-Life Women's Conference:
*Susan B Anthony List:
Others: (Pro-Life Feminists) (FEMINISTAS PROVIDA)

Non-Profit Organizations and social media groups for Pro-Life Liberals:
*Democrats for Life of America:
*Pro-Life Democratic Candidate PAC:
*Other: (Pro-Life Democrats of Washington State) (Democrats for Life of America, Mid-Atlantic) (Liberals for a Consistent Life Ethic) (Liberal and Pro-Life) (Pro-Life Progressives) (Prolifers for Bernie)

Atheist/Agnostic/Secular Pro-Life Non-profit Organizations and social media groups:
*Secular Pro-Life:
*Pro-Life Humanists:
*Other: (Atheist and Agnostic Pro Life League) (Agnostics & Atheists Against Abortion) (Humanist Women Against Abortion) (AAPLL Atheists and Agnostics Only) (The Best Secular Pro-Life and Anti-Religious Images) (Secular Pro-Life League) (Atheist and Agnostic Pro Life League: Reincarnated) (Secular Pro-Life Ireland) (Never Alone: Secular Post-Abortive Healing)

For LGBTQIA+ Pro-Lifers:
*PLAGAL - The Pro-Life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians:
*Other: (LGBT Pro-Lifers)

For Vegan and Vegetarian Pro-Lifers: (Pro Life Vegans) (Vegan Pro-Life Organisation) (Vegans for Pro-Life) (Vegan, Pro-Life, Christians)

For POC pro-lifers: (Black, Woman & ProLife) (National Black ProLife Coalition)

Other pro-life pages that lean toward liberal/pro-woman/secular ideals:
*Rehumanize International:
*Consistent Life:
*All Our Lives:
*Pro-Life San Francisco:
*Other: (Supporters For A Consistent Pro-Life Ethic) (Anti-Abortionists for Greater Pre and Post Birth Funding) (Pro-lifers in favor of Safer Sex, Birth Control, and Sex-Ed) (Pro-Life Nudist) (Pro Lifers For gun control) (Pro Life Pro Vaccine) (Pro-Life Intact) (Human Rights for Born and Unborn) (Intersectional Pro-Life Alliance) (Unconventional Prolifers) (Progressives, Former ProChoice-ers, and Atheists ProLife Alliance) (Handicapped Humans Against Abortion) (Deaf and Hard of Hearing Pro-Lifers) (Pro-Life Rockers.) (Punk Rock & Pro Life) (Pro-Life Artists Unite) (Pro Life Entertainers & Artists) (Pro-Life Pagans, Wiccan's, Witches, and Vodouisants) (Pro-life Satanists, Left-Hand Path Followers, and their allies) (Pro-life Millennials) (sounds like eugenics but ok) (oh, we're killing poor people now? cool, cool...) (Pro-Life Mermaids)