Saturday, November 9, 2013

The big dilemma with how we view pro-choicers

So I've mentioned this before, but a lot of pro-choicers honestly don't know scientific facts, or aren't aware of other choices, or have people lying to them about the whole thing. Perhaps this actually makes them seem better, as it may not be their fault, and maybe they aren't the big bad people that want to kill babies but rather are just confused people who are uninformed as their side and society have pulled the wool over their eyes. Then again, maybe it's worse as they should know better and stand up against those trying to convince them of it. On the other hand, in a certain way that's better than then saying "Yeah we know it's a human being, but we don't care, people should be allowed to kill them anyway", and yet recently I came to the conclusion that one of the worst things about the pro-choice side is the fact that they spew so many scientifically illiterate things, and at the very least, if we got rid of all the "it isn't alive" "it's just an appendage of the mother" "it isn't human" garbage and all pro-choicers were just "yeah we recognize that it's a living human being but we think that mothers should have the right to do away with them" then life would be so much better, because at least they wouldn't be spewing unscientific crap that makes us think they are really just trying to justify it all with their bigotry, or perhaps they were wronged, or this will only help to further brainwash that side into actually believing all of that, and maybe that would be a step in the right direction as that big brainwashing mechanism which is the reason for a lot of people being pro-choice would be taken away from them and it could lead to less people being pro-choice.

So I guess what I'm saying is that this seems like a bit of a predicament. I'm sure it's also an area for lots of different sides and viewpoints in the pro-life side. You also have the pro-choicers who know it's killing and admit it and say there's nothing wrong with it and maybe wouldn't mind doing it, or people that act like it's great, like closer to your pro-abortion people, who on the one hand seem horrible, but on the other hand at least are more consistent and honest than their counterparts who are "personally pro-life" and think that abortion is a horrible thing, but think that we can't tell women to not do it, even though we don't do that with anything else, such as murder in general or rape.

The abortion doctors who know it is a human being and baby and life and they are killing it are great because it will help people understand these things and we can say "see, even they know it", but then are horrible because they are ACTUALLY fine with killing. The person who blatantly describes abortion like it is infanticide is horrible for being ok with that, but necessary for showing people that it IS infanticide. The person who honestly believes they are supporting women's rights by being pro-choice and doesn't realize the humanity of the unborn, and normally wouldn't hurt a fly, is better for being that type of person, but bad because they are supporting the stereotypes and a culture that hurts our young, but then that is split up into who was the one who wronged them and actually made them think that, as well as why on earth didn't they have the sense to realize that that is obvious bull and they should think for themselves?

It's hard. My empathy censors are going in all sorts of directions and I just don't know how to feel. Sometimes I want to hug those who actually think it's "just a clump of cells" and dehumanize, as I know they were brainwashed into believing that, and other times I hate that they are like that, and probably have convinced other people that that is actually true, as they even said it and are telling people that, and that's how it keeps spreading.