Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What they need are other options

One of the most annoying things about the pro-choice side, and I have been hearing it more and more as time goes on, is that they talk about how abortion should be available because lots of women can't work and have a kid at the same time, or don't have the money to raise a kid, or can't be single mothers, and so on, so essentially they say women need abortion because the system is screwed up and there aren't perfect other choices for women.

This is bad for several reasons. For one thing, it stops people from actually helping women and giving them these things so that they can have an excuse to say "this is why we need abortion" and for another thing, it essentially forces women to have abortions as they feel like they have no other choice. Those on the pro-choice side are usually the ones to say women only choose it when they feel like they have no other choice, yet they try so hard to make sure a bad choice that no woman ever wants to choose stays around, and especially at the expense of actually giving them other choices. They are clearly not pro-woman. When mentioning that women need abortion because sometimes they can't be, or don't think they can be working mothers, single mothers, student mothers, poor mothers etc. I try to explain to them that this is why my liberal/feminist pro-life side is in support of the other choices and social safety nets for mothers, and an overall support for motherhood, and it's weird because it seems like they've accepted it and don't care for helping those situations, but rather use it as an excuse to say, "Well see this is why abortion should be available." I don't know why Liberals or Feminists would do that, as it fits those ideologies better-and is always better-to help all the other choices instead of accepting them being faulty so that you can push your one poor choice agenda. That doesn't sound very pro-woman to me. When you have women who feel like they have no other choice than to abort, and you are using that to say, "This is why we need abortion" instead of, "This is why we need to fix the system and make sure there are so many options, and good ones at that", that sounds neither liberal nor feminist. 

It seems like a big no duh to me. "Well some mothers are poor and wouldn't be able to take care of a child" yeah, that's why we should tell them of all the other choices, and help make sure there are financial availabilities, and giver her some help, and give more support for being a mother, for the woman personally, and in general, so that eventually our country would have to change into one where mothers would have lots of paid maternity leave etc. and can actually easily be mothers. The fact that abortion would even come into their minds when talking about the injustices that pregnant women, mothers and children face, is rather telling. That on top of constantly acting like all people against abortion want to force the woman to raise an unwanted child (especially since most abortions aren't about the children being unwanted but the women feeling like they can't be the mothers they want to be) when there are such things as adoption and safe surrender, really make me think they only care about that one choice. If all the energy spent making sure women have the right to abort went into supporting all the other choices, and the act of being a mother in general, abortion wouldn't even be an issue.

Here is a post on how the pro-life side does support women's other choices and give support for pregnant women vs. how little the pro-choice side does.

Sometimes I actually think that it is the abortion industry keeping it this way because they know that so many less people would be pro-choice if there were much more options and better options available and there wasn't really a need for abortion. Think about it, a lot of people find abortion horrible but say women need to be able to choose it, but they still hate it being used basically as a back up contraception or it used easily and willy nilly. They say it has to be around for women in tight situations and with good reasons, but greatly frown upon women who just want to go out and do it for the heck of it. If people were already aware of all the options, or there were more and better options, so many more people would be pro-life because abortion would be left to women who could have very easily chosen a different choice yet didn't, and if there are more pro-lifers, and more/better/women knowing of choices, not only would you have people voting pro-life more and not voting pro-choice, but you would have less and less abortions, and eventually abortion would be outlawed, so abortionists would lose a whole bunch of money, and so many people would be out of work, and pro-choice politicians would have way less of a voice and be less likely to get elected. The abortion industry would crumble, and it has spent 40 years building itself up on the lies it tells people to try to get support. I'm not saying that's definitely what has been happening, but it's something to think about. We saw this clearly in Texas. Even most pro-choicers hate late-term abortion and would vote against it, yet the media and even some of these pro-choicers painted the Texas laws like it was so horrible and "stand with Texas women" even though Texas women especially didn't want that, but oh no, since it was the pro-lifers who were trying to get rid of abortion far enough along that nobody wants it and get abortion clinics up to code and doing exactly what pro-choicers always wanted and said should be done, they rejected it. They acted like it was so bad just because it would stop some abortions THAT ARE DANGEROUS IN THE FIRST PLACE AND WHAT YOU GUYS ARE ALWAYS COMPLAINING ABOUT and passed it off, and acted like pro-lifers must have some ulterior motive and suddenly changed their tune just because it would of course stop some abortions from happening and it was proposed and supported by pro-lifers. They  always say they want it "safe legal and rare" yet they really only care about the legal part. They have to have it by their people for their reasons or else they'll be hypocritical and not want it, even if it is the main reason they argue abortion should be legalized. I bet if pro-lifers did have a lot of laws they were trying to pass that totally helped out pregnant women and mothers and made it so less and less women would choose abortion, especially if that meant some would close down because of lack of need for them, pro-choicers would be against it because of that and because it was pro-lifers who did it. In fact, I bet you that has already happened. They don't care about women at all. Well ok, a lot of them don't. I guarantee you there would be some thinking this is so stupid right alongside us.

Also, I find it so odd that in a feminist society where they successfully made abortion illegal and have kept it legal and they have gotten so many other things for women, they couldn't secure more rights for pregnant women and mothers and children. That truly shoes where their priorities lie.  If feminists really wanted support for pregnant women, they could easily get it. They are just more concerned about that one choice. Mind you I'm a feminist too, so I'm only talking about the pro-choice feminists, but pro-life feminists need more people to support pregnant women in order to get anywhere with it. Feminism should change it's path to support women who actually want to be mothers yet feel like they have no other choice. What about their rights? What about pro-choice in that sense?

As the saying goes, abortion is a band-aid solution to a much bigger problem. It takes women and puts them right back in the situations they were in before they got the abortion. Abortion doesn't solve anything. 

Here is a good quote from Pro-Life Humanists...
"Feminist author Frederica Matthews-Green once pointed out that “No woman wants an abortion as she wants an ice cream cone or a Porsche. She wants an abortion as an animal caught in a trap wants to gnaw off its own leg.”    The challenge for our ever-evolving society  is this:    Are we going to hand the woman a hack-saw and help her amputate her leg?   Or are we wise and capable enough to come up with creative ways of removing the offending trap, without destroying the leg in the process  -  especially when that “leg” is a fellow human being?"

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