Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Vegetarian/Vegan/Animal rights activist pro-choicers

There are a few groups for vegans and vegetarians who are pro-life. The facebook group Vegans Against Abortion and the facebook page Vegetarian and Pro-Life

One of the things that annoys me the most is how incredibly inconsistent and hypocritical people can be. Take, for example, the vegetarian or vegan animal rights types of people (well in this one instance coming up). I am of course one myself, so it bugs me all the more when you know a lot of them are pro-choice. It is incredibly hypocritical to support the rights of animals (who definitely aren't people) and say that they should have equal rights to us and the right to life and to not have to be hurt or killed or messed with, yet the unborn don't get these rights, especially if they say it's because they "aren't people." Well newsflash, animals you protect against other people denying their rights, usually with the argument as well that they aren't people, OBVIOUSLY AREN'T PEOPLE!!! Yet you say that that doesn't matter of course, because they still deserve rights. Trust me, I believe this as well, so why double back and use the same arguments you have to fight against when it comes to animal rights, while trying to deny the rights of the unborn? The unborn at least are more "persons" than animals are, and science already tells us that they are human beings. This is just one of the many examples of liberals using the same argument they fight against in support of the denying of the rights of the unborn. It astounds me that they don't notice themselves spewing out the same talking points conservatives give on a number of issues. Someone should really go through all the arguments liberal pro-choicers use for their pro-choice stance with those that conservatives use for denying rights to people of different races, women, homosexuals, and whoever else, as well as gun rights, refusing universal healthcare, war, and whatever else you can think of.

One of the reasons people are the veggie/animal rights types is because they want the innocent to be safe and ok and have rights. If it's not you, you don't get to kill it or hurt it. There is nothing more innocent than the unborn. Even more so than animals.

Then of course you have these types who also tend to advocate for not killing/chopping down plants and destroying them and the ecosystem as little as possible (the environmentalist/tree-hugger/save the rainforest types, and I am that too of course), and you REALLY can't advocate for that and then turn around and not give a damn about the unborn, especially if you recognize that of course even plants are alive/life yet you think fetuses aren't.

Then you'll have the pro-choice liberals (pretty much all of the pro-choice liberals) who say "well if they were really so pro-life, they'd be vegetarians, or vegans, or pro-peace" and it's like YES!!! I'm always saying that! Vegans and vegetarians and people who are pro-peace should be pro-life, and vice versa, as those fit together. If I ever bring this up, they tend to shut up because they now realize they have made the point that being pro-life fits in with all these liberal things, without meaning to. It's hypocritical to say "Well if you're really so pro-life" or "Well then you should also be (insert whatever liberal thing) " and then exclude yourself and people who are already liberal from that and be pro-choice, or then say that everyone should be pro-choice. Think about what would happen if pro-lifers did all the things liberals said they should do if they were really so pro-life (and of course I agree that they should be all those things): THEY'D BE LIBERAL!!!! Yes, that's right! You would have successfully turned them liberal and they would now be liberal pro-lifers, who you then would probably say should be pro-choice. You don't care about consistency, you just want everyone to be exactly like you. Everyone knows that this issue is hypocritical on all sides, they just don't want to know it with their own side. I actually always thought that especially vegetarians and vegans should be pro-life, and if you do eat meat, then you aren't as hypocritical and perhaps you get a teensy bit of a pass because you already don't really care about the innocent or animals or rights anyway (no offense meat eaters.)

I even came across this picture recently, which all the more made me think of how hypocritical pro-choice animal rights activists are. I love that they are doing this for the animals, I do advocate for thinking animals are equal to humans, but they (that is the pro-choice people who think like this) are labeling those who can't be considered human as non-human persons, yet those who can, don't get the right to be called persons? COME ON!!! I really hope whoever made this and all who agree with it realize how hypocritical and stupid it would then be to label the unborn as not persons and dehumanize them or deny their rights. I'll say this again: They are at the very least, more "persons" than animals are.


  1. you are absolutely correct.

  2. Agree 100%. I'm atheist vegan anti-abortion.

  3. Not liberal (independent), Not atheist (Christian), Pro-life, and Vegan. I love what you wrote here. I only disagree about turning people liberal as there is more to determine sides than just the issues mentioned here. I also believe our 2 party system is a sham however, because there is no way 2 or even 10 politcal parties could even come close to accurately representing all of our people.